Entry for Ludum Dare #36.

You are stranded in an alien planet and you don't remember how you get there. What is this place? What are those odd artifacts?

I had a cool idea for a game and wanted to do a prototype to test the atmosphere, art style, mood, etc. It is very short but I'm quite happy with the game.

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Made withPhaser
TagsAtmospheric, games-by-women, Ludum Dare 36, phaser, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
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I love it!


Me ha encantado el juego, en que lenguaje esta programado?

Hola! Este lo hice en javascript con el framework Phaser

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Very beautiful, loved the dialogue, scenery, and the colour scheme!

Thanks for the kind comment!


Really nicely done - I was pretty engaged right away. I like all the components - the narrative hook, the musicality of the puzzles, the art... it was really interesting!


The interaction between this simple but beautiful art and this "mini-game" makes a very good atmosphere. I really like it and hope you will add more different "mini-games" and maybe a short story :) keep up your work.


Wow, I got sucked in, great art + atmosphere. The mechanic reminds me of the Myst piano.

nice idea !

Very nice :D

This is really, really cool! I love the interaction and the art!


very cooool!