A matrix-based music sequencer, made with PICO-8. You have three different tracks – drums, bass and chords – to create your music pattern.

Play around and have fun!

This game is part of my 6 Games In 6 Months project, in which I will be creating one game each month till the end of 2019.

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Made withPICO-8
TagsMusic Production, PICO-8


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Drums: 1101 Chords: 2214

                  0100                    2145

                  1100                    1453

                  1100                    4531


Drums:   0050  Bass:   2222  Chords:   5331

                    2054                2222                       2431

                    0050                2244                       5433

                    2054                4455                       3322

Nice tune!

i would love to download this pico8 app to my rg351. i could spend hours making drum&bass beats with this. even use it on stage! is it possible?

Hi! I don’t know what’s RG351 and how it works, so I’m not sure how can I help. Can it run web apps?

Rg351v is a handheld emulator console. It has a pico-8 emulator which runs the pico-8 PNG cartridges and even programs with .p8 extension.

I see! For that I’d need to publish the PICO-8 cart. I’m afraid I’m wary to do that, since the few carts I published got pirated and assets re-sold :(

Drums 0101       Bass 0101        Chords  0123

                0101                   4024                          4421

                0101                   3311                          1/20   

                0101                   2024                          0214


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